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Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas make the body sweat at lower temperatures than conventionally heated saunas, so the heat is more tolerable, making the experience both enjoyable and relaxing. The heat penetrates deeply, increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles and alleviating aches and pains while detoxing the body. They can be used to assist you with a wide variety of health concerns including stress, poor sleep, chronic pain, weight loss and skin appearance.

Casual (60 Minute Sauna Room Session)$50 per visit

Package options are available, please contact us for further information or to make a booking.

“Last night I had my first infrared sauna session, and it was incredible. Usually I don’t enjoy being in saunas because I find the heat really hard to handle but this was totally different, I actually found it enjoyable! I had no issues breathing and it felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I usually find sleep challenging but last night I slept like a baby and I am still feeling completely relaxed and my skin feels amazing and detoxed, so soft!”

– Kate, Auckland, New Zealand